Huwebes, Enero 26, 2017

Can a hen lay an egg without a rooster?

You do not need a rooster for your hens to produce eggs. 
Unless you are trying get baby chicks, you should likely not bother having a noisy cock.
Without a rooster, the eggs will be unfertilized, but they will be produced just the same.
The egg is an external uterus. It is created whether it is fertilized or not, just as a human woman creates conditions once a month to have a baby, even if she won't.
If you do want fertilized eggs, then you should have about one cock for every 7 hens. You need to help the broody hen have a nice space to incubate the eggs. Momma hens are very dedicated so try to help them by putting food and water next to them.
Baby chicks are super cute.

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